Waynesboro Theatre  

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Waynesboro Theatre


After 38 years in business, Ann and I thank you for all your support and kindness.
We have enjoyed serving the people of Waynesboro for all these years.
We have many wonderful memories. It has been a great ride. Thank you. We love you all.
Sincerely, Lou and Ann Radakovich


The Waynesboro Theatre was built on the site of the Arcade Theatre.

The Arcade Theatre opened on September 28, 1916 and the building was demolished in May 1966.  When it was built, it had the largest stage east of the Mississippi River.  The Arcade and a second theater, the Strand, showed serials on Saturdays with the Arcade hosting matinees and the Strand, evening shows.  During the silent-film era, a pipe organ provided accompaniment at the Arcade while either a pianist or a player piano provided music at the Strand.

On February 24, 1954, Warner Bros. Theatres Inc. sold the building to Transamerica Waynesboro Realty Corp., which in turn sold the property to N.W.O. Inc. on February 30, 1966.  N.W.O. Inc. demolished the Arcade Theatre and built the current building, which today houses the Waynesboro Theatre and the Rainbow Gymnastics, Inc.

The Waynesboro Theatre was rebuilt as a Jerry Lewis Cinema franchise theater which promoted family orientated films. It was purchased by the current owner in 1976 showing first run G to R rated films.

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